YIRGACHEFFE - Rocko Mountain Reserve - Heirloom - Natural Process 250g

YIRGACHEFFE - Rocko Mountain Reserve - Heirloom - Natural Process 250g


This is an extraordinary coffee that will delight and exercise your tastebuds in equal measure. Like a tropical fruit bowl decorated with flowers; notes of jasmin and hibiscus float over pineapple and mango. Incredibly floral and complex with a juicy kiwi-like acidity. Certainly a coffee for fruit lovers but rounded and rich enough to satisfy any palette.


Even within coffee loving Ethiopia itself, where every farmer and gardener proudly grows their own cherries, Yirgacheffe is seen as the pinnacle for the quality of its coffee. This is the finest Yirgacheffe we have found. The best of the best.

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    ALTITUDE: 2050 - 2150m


    With the help of our team in Addis we have been sourcing coffees that truly represent the communities of the area by trying to gather different lots from different groups of smallholders on the Idido side of the Rocko Mountain. This year we have been able to connect and source this magnificent natural processed coffee.


    This particular lot represents the hard work and dedication of the people that live and grow coffee in the Alemayu Woreda (neighbourhood); they utilise 12 hectares of semi-forest land, dedicated to coffee, under the shade of native trees such as Acacia and Cardia Africa. The community deliver their cherries to the central drying station in Yirgacheffe town, where Siz Agro has been collecting and processing the lots since 2017.


    Siz Agro have invested in one farm and 8 washing stations to try and improve quality and traceability, where single communities can vertically integrate in the supply chain. They have been pre-financing farmers' communities during the off season, to help them improve their production and picking, with the help of a team of locally based agronomists to advise on the improvements required to achieve the best possible results.


    The lots is processed as a traditional dry natural, carefully inspected for any overripe or immature cherries on the sorting table before being carefully laid on raised beds around two centimetres in thickness and turned every twenty minutes. The cherries are covered during the hotter part of the day (normally between 11AM until 3PM) to prevent fast drying, so the drying time can vary from 14 to 18 days depending on humidity.