Frequently Asked Questions

Where qualifies for FREE local delivery by bicycle?

We deliver within 2 miles of Tylers Green, Penn a couple of times a week (see map below) as well as weekly deliveries to Beaconsfield and surrounding villages:

How to brew our coffee?

You can order our coffee as BEANS or ground to your requirements. If you are making a cafetiere from one of our sample bags we would suggest: - boil the kettle and preheat your cafetiere - allow the kettle to cool for four minutes to approximately 90degC - don't burn the coffee!! - empty the pouch contents into your cafetiere - gently pour over just enough hot water to cover the grounds - watch the coffee bloom! 30-40 seconds... - pour over the rest of your water to fill cafetiere - wait four minutes to slowly plunge to half-way - wait 30 seconds and gently but firmly finish the plunge - DRINK AND ENJOY!

What is your strongest coffee for my espresso machine?

Supermarket coffee is graded by “strength” but it’s actually a measure of the roast level; the higher the roast the darker the beans and the more oils are released. This can give a great impression of a really strong coffee but at the cost of the unique flavours of the beans as they become closer to being burnt and the subtleties of variety, terroir and process become homogenised.

We are currently using our Colombian coffee in the espresso machine and loving the high bitter almond notes and rich body. Before that we had the Brazil which was rounder in the cup and perhaps a little sweeter but equally delicious. Any of our coffees can be used to make fabulous espresso and are as strong as you want to make them; we go with a 13g dose for a double shot.