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  • Where qualifies for FREE local delivery by bicycle?
    We deliver within 2 miles of Tylers Green, Penn a couple of times a week (see map below) as well as weekly deliveries to Beaconsfield and surrounding villages:
  • How to brew our coffee?
    You can order our coffee as BEANS or ground to your requirements. If you are making a cafetiere from one of our sample bags we would suggest: - boil the kettle and preheat your cafetiere - allow the kettle to cool for four minutes to approximately 90degC - don't burn the coffee!! - empty the pouch contents into your cafetiere - gently pour over just enough hot water to cover the grounds - watch the coffee bloom! 30-40 seconds... - pour over the rest of your water to fill cafetiere - wait four minutes to slowly plunge to half-way - wait 30 seconds and gently but firmly finish the plunge - DRINK AND ENJOY!
  • What is your strongest coffee for my espresso machine?
    Any of our coffees can be used to make fabulous espresso but if you prefer a more bitter, Italian-style shot (or as a foundation for a stronger milk based drink) our latest DARK ROAST coffee is what you're after...
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