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Meet the team


Hello! We'd like to introduce ourselves... We are husband-and-wife team David and Anna Palmer, co-founders of Solarbean Coffee. We live in Penn with our two young daughters and five chickens. We are passionate about getting fabulous coffee to your home, from ours, in the freshest, most delicious and environmentally-friendly way possible. 


The Birth of Solarbean Coffee


The business began during lockdown, when, like many freelancers, we found ourselves without work and looking for a project. Deeply involved with great coffee and green issues, the idea for Solarbean Coffee was born. 


We are proud to say that every part of the bean-to-bag journey happens on-site at our roastery on School Road in Penn. The green beans are stored here before being roasted in our mighty 2Kg Coffee-Tech Engineering Solar Roaster, powered by the solar cells on the roof of our house. We then package our beans and ground coffee into hand-printed and labeled home-compostable bags. We deliver all over the UK, but if you are lucky-enough to live in our neighbourhood, we will be delivering to you by cargo bike!







Why buy from us?


Supermarket coffee has a shelf-life of 12 months. Our coffee, by contrast, gets to you within days of being roasted, brimming with the delicious flavours and heady aromas that differentiate speciality coffee. By roasting in small batches we are able to hone the roasting process to ideally suit the coffee bean; all part of our bespoke, tailored approach, bringing you the most delicious cup of coffee.

Head to our FAQs page to read more about how to hone your own home-brewing technique for that perfect cup...

The Roaster

At the heart of operations is our state-of-the-art Coffee-Tech Engineering Solar Roaster - "the most advanced shop roasting machine in the world." 



















The Beans

We taste many lots, from different countries and with different harvesting processes, before finding coffees that we love enough to supply. What they all have in common is a direct link to the farms and the lives of the people who grow them, with a fair price paid throughout the supply chain. Have a look at the details page for each of our coffees to find out specifics.

Our Packaging

We wanted to supply our coffee in fully home-compostable packaging, to complete the sustainable journey but without compromising the fabulous freshness and aroma of our beans. After much searching we have found the very best, Earth-friendly packaging, made in Europe and then had it customised for us.


All our beans are delivered in pouches made entirely from only three ingredients: 


Kraft paper; cellulose film; starch film.

No petrochemicals. No part-compostable elements.

Your empty coffee bags can go into either your kerbside or home compost bin.


​And that includes the valves.


David & Anna
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