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BRAZIL - Caixa de Fruta - Mixed - Natural Process 250g

BRAZIL - Caixa de Fruta - Mixed - Natural Process 250g


The newest episode in our absolutely delicious Natural process coffees from Brazil.


A rich, full bodied coffee. Red cherry, marzipan and toffee with milk chocolate. A real crowd pleaser!


Enjoy the great flavours black or with milk.

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    ALTITUDE: 900m -1100m


    The Cocatrel Cooperative was founded in 1961 in Tres Pontas and has now grown to the second largest Cooperative in Brazil. There are over 6000 members who are part of the cooperative and they have 11 different buying points across the region. All the coffees are electronically tagged and recorded on delivery with a unique QR code giving full traceablity on all the coffees for the growers to know exactly where their coffee is. Over 50% of the members of the cooper