BRAZIL - Presente Do Sol - Acaia - Natural Process 250g

BRAZIL - Presente Do Sol - Acaia - Natural Process 250g


We are delighted to have another Natural process coffee from Brazil with trademark flavours! 


This is a rich, full bodied coffee. Dark chocolate notes and a creamy mouthfeel work together for perfectly balanced acidity. The finish is long and round.


Fabulous enjoyed black but with great flavours to work with milk based drinks too. The ideal accompaniment to the festive season!


  • Coffee Details


    ALTITUDE: 1300m - 1560m


    This coffee comes from the 90Ha Fazenda Pariso farm situated at high altitudes in Brazil. The owner is the 81 year old Antonio Fortes who first bought the land to grow a mix of crops, including coffee, and is still at the helm today. After a couple of years he started to plant more coffee seedlings. Unfortunately this coincided with one of the worst frosts which decimated the coffee but he fought back and began all over again. From his learning he discovered that the coffee grew better when planted with banana trees and the potential this has. Antonio has been working with Carmo Coffees since 2008 and realised his qualities by entering their competitions and this has inspired him to continue with the production of specialty coffee and use the varietals Mundo Novo, Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuai and Acaia.


    In the harvest, coffee was manually picked before being taken to the Presente Do Sol Mill where it is it floated and separated. From here is then dried on patio for 3-4 days before being transferred to mechanical driers where it is dried slowly and consistently for 3 days at 45 degrees (giving an internal drier temperature of 35 degrees). The coffee is then left to rest in vats for 30 days before being milled for transport.


    This Beneficio has been part of Carmo Coffees since 2014 and is a purchasing and processing centre located in the city of Heliodora at the site of Fazenda Floresta. This processing plant allows the local smaller producers to deliver their cherry to the mill where Carmo can help apply their expertise in processing as well as use their New Flavours program to create diverse and interesting cup profiles. This allows farmer to receive greater prices for their coffees to then invest back in their farms and families looking to the future.


    Carmo help support the quality aspect by providing help through the use of agronomist engineers and technicians to help the farmers produce a higher quality cherry. This also reduces the farmers' risk, with the processing being centralised, limiting outside factors that could spoil the coffee and their yearly incomes.


    Carmo also take extended care of the environment making sure they are good stewards of the land they use from Fazenda Floresta as well as promoting these practices to the farmers they work with. Right now 40% of the land is designated for Permanent Environmental Preservation.